Meet Your SEO Copywriter and Content Strategist

trained copywriter officeA professionally trained copywriter, marketer and author with over 30 years experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments, I have a passion for helping others succeed!

Through the years, my professional titles included Market Research Analyst, Human Resources Director, VP Operations and Marketing Manager for both Fortune 500 and privately owned organizations.

My solopreneur ventures include running a home-based day care center and Healthy Solutions, a wellness, and nutrition business.

From my perch in beautiful East Brandywine, Pennsylvania, I spend my days creating with words.

My extremely supportive husband had a long-standing career in engineering aircraft and is now enjoying retirement. And our two handsome 20-something sons have left the nest and are busy creating lives of their own.

In addition to my love of writing and learning, I am a health enthusiast and love to bike. With my portable business and newly retired husband, I get to fill my insatiable need of traveling to see new places. And everything in life is based on faith, family and friends!

Fulfilling work, fabulous people, fresh food, and focus on faith motivate me through my days.

Every experience and personal interaction have helped me to develop a love for problem-solving, research, marketing, and writing. I continue to work with and take classes with world-class copywriters because I believe learning is a lifelong journey. And being the best for my clients is a priority.

My goal each day is to create an interesting perspective and write pieces to persuade others to engage with your activity, product or service.

Connect with me and let’s start talking … I am here to help you achieve your dream!