Nurturing Your Prospects Through Every Season


Nurturing Your Prospects Through Every Season

Being an entrepreneur, coach or small business owner is always a juggling act.

There are several times a year – summertime, holidays, severe weather issues– where running a business can be even more challenging. You’ve got support staff on vacation, lots to do on the weekends or the disruption of ‘normal’ in your life.

But business still has to run, bills need to be paid and services and products need to be sold.

With some simple planning, there is a way to be in front of your prospects on a regular basis, even when you are focused on other parts of your business or distracted by problems or the needs of others.

Setting up an autoresponder series in your email program to stay connected is one of the easiest ways to stay in touch. And to keep your prospects focused on your message.

It takes a little bit of work up front, but once you have it set to go – you can focus on your latest presentation, finding new clients (to add to that list) and making money.

Or even take a vacation! (How about that?)

And, more than likely, you’ve already got some of the pieces in place.

Let’s call it nurturing. Building a relationship with your ideal client allow them to see how you bring value to their business or life!

The Nurturing Process

  1. Interested prospects sign up for the ‘freebie’ at your website to grab people’s names into your email list.
  2. A ‘thank you’ is automatically sent sending them the download or directing them to a place at your website.
  3. A few days later,  you ‘check in’ to see how they are doing. Just a simple – have you read it, do you have questions – type of email.
  4. The next week, offer your audience three free tips in the first week related to their need – and your business.
  5. The next week, ‘chat’ with them about the problems you know they have – and again – give them valuable insight into how the problem can be solved.

Keep building on the ‘big idea’ to lead them to the next program in your funnel and into your regular blogging/newsletter sequence.

Your audience is engaged for 8-10 weeks – automatically.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, but for most people it takes a lot longer to ingrain a new idea into their way of thinking.

In between – blog regularly (whatever schedule works for you) about current happenings and changes in your industry. Or about what’s going on in your life. Or the world.

With a solid, value-filled nurturing sequence in place you won’t have to worry about life’s disruptions to your sales flow. It will all be done automatically!

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