Marketing – It’s All about the Relationship

Marketing – It’s All About the Relationship


Marketing – the word immediately conjures up images of used car salesman, infomercials or the never ending jingle of a fast food chain.

You have created a business of integrity. Your outstanding service, your dedication to good business practices and your belief that your business will make a difference to your clients and customers has brought you to a moment where action is needed to propel you forward.

And the word comes up again – marketing.

Don’t let the word scare you.

  • The old door-to-door routine or standing on street corners in costume is not the only way to get noticed.
  • Marketing isn’t just about how much advertising you can purchase on line, in papers or on cable television.
  • Nor is it necessary for you to be on every social media outlet touting your services a dozen times a day.

Before any of the above could be of any benefit to your business, the first thing you must do is create trust.


Content Marketing is No Different

Showing your prospects and clients that you say what you mean and mean what you say.

Proving you are a thought leader in your field – one who can have a significant impact in their lives.

Communicating with your customers in a real, person to person, kind of way.


3 Ways to Build Relationship in a Busy World

How do you stand out in a world where information cascades over us every waking minute of every day? And sometimes even when we are asleep?

  1. Tell your story. People want to know that you are real. That you experience the same ups and downs in life that they experience. That you know where their pain is. Where ever you are (live, on line, in media), tell your story!

          Why did you start your business? What do you stand for? Where do you want to make the biggest impact?

  1. Interact with your client and prospect in places where they would most expect you, but even better, least expect you. Attend local or regional fairs and events that may not even be related to your field. Be out with the people so the people can get to know you!

         I recently saw a car repair business at a health event! Their message? Driving safety! I believe they really        care about my safety and will take notice of anything wrong with my car.

  1. Be consistent. Trust is built when you keep your messages and interaction at your website, social media or live events constant. It doesn’t mean they have to be boring or the same – but people want to know that they can depend on you for what they depend on you for.

         Amazon – quick delivery. Zappos – customer service. Uber – convenience.

Wherever you business resides – on line, in your home, in a rural area or in a large city – building trust and creating relationship with your prospects and clients is the first step to a loyal fan base, success and prosperity.

How a Close Encounter with a Moose Got Me To Think about Marketing

How a Close Encounter with a Moose Got Me to Think about Marketing

Who would have thought a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana would have me thinking about content strategy and marketing?

Logan’s Pass – Glacier National Park

Quite honestly, my intent was to enjoy not having a keyboard attached to me and how incredibly lucky I was to be spending time relaxing in this natural splendor.

Positioned majestically in northern Montana, crossing the border into Alberta, Canada,  Glacier National Park is over 1,000,000 acres of forest, alpine meadows and lakes that are virtually untouched.

Our tour guides were my brother and sister in law – retired Forest Service managers and a wild life biologist. They are nature lovers, to say the least, and very familiar with the Park and Forest Services area of the northwest corner of our country.

After making sure we saw all the usual tourist places, we started to venture beyond where the iconic “Rubies of the Rockies” buses take tourists, and off the paved roadways and boardwalk type trails. While all of GNP is devoted to the wild life, certain areas are designated for the tame and mildly curious.

We are not tame and we are a very curious bunch!

Over rocky roads and into the wilderness we drove, to places like Polebridge, Bowman Lake and Kintla.

Bowman Lake – Glacier National Park

We encountered incredible views – and real life wilderness.

While our naturalists and politicians have done their job to preserve these beautiful lands for what they are, once you are encased amid the mountains and wildlife, it is easy to recognize that nature alone is the best marketer for the reasons one should visit any National Park.

The entire trip, and especially a very close encounter with a female moose and her calf, got me to thinking about how we position ourselves and our businesses. (Well, not at that moment, but later, upon reflecting that I was still alive!)

The Marketing Connection

Momma Moose & Calf – at a safe distance

Standing quiet and painfully still between close trees in the woods while the momma moose and her baby slowly grazed past us into the forest, I was reminded of these business and marketing guidelines:

  1. Be who you are and people will recognize your uniqueness. Done right, they will watch you in awe. And amazement.
  1. Not to worry if every day is not perfect. Be consistent and the right clients will find a way to see the worth of your product and service through the clouds and rain.
  1. If you have a close encounter with a moose – or a business encounter where you know you both can’t walk or work together – sit tight, allow for space and retain mutual respect.
  1. When fires happen, allow the smoke to die down and then appreciate the new views that weren’t there before.
  1. Stand firm as a mountain. Believe that who you are, what you know and what you have to give to others is exactly what people need.
  1. Be flexible when it gets too windy. Go with the flow when necessary, but always (see number 1…..)

After the close encounter with the moose, I told my brother in law it wasn’t necessary for me to see the Grizzly Bear I kept asking him to find for me….I’ll save that excitement for the next trip!

Which leads to:

  1. Never be afraid to pursue a prospect again – with a different mindset and marketing strategy.

Have you ever had a close encounter that allowed you to look at something differently? Comment below so we can all learn!